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Welcome to Pandemology, an online platform for pandemic terminology that can be accessed from anywhere in the world for free. The database entries are centrally managed in termXplorer, jointly evaluated and can easily be downloaded in various formats.

With Pandemology we would like to provide a multilingual database for terminology that can help tackle the challenges of COVID-19 (also called coronavirus) and beyond by offering the opportunity to discuss, verify and agree on terminology. Feel free to create new entries – it does not matter whether you are a translator, medical professional or work in another sector.

We hope that this terminological project will enable international collaboration and bring the world closer together in these difficult times. Should you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, we look forward to hearing from you.

„Through projects like Pandemology that collaboratively generate coronavirus and pandemic-related terminology databases, we can make a significant contribution in enabling communication. Effective messaging and communication is crucial in any outreach programme, and, in this case, the end result will be that members of society will be more able to appreciate and understand things like regulations, requirements, and protective measures against the coronavirus.“

Prof. Dr. Rachel Herwartz