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Team Members

The 2020-2022 class of the SDI Munich Translation Management Master’s programme was made up of translators, project managers and interpreters. We have continued the project started by our fellow students under the direction of Prof. Dr. Rachel Herwartz, the head of the Translation Management programme.

With Pandemology 2.0, we have improved the project in three different groups. The first group has expanded and verified the data entries, the second group has optimised the website and the user guide, while the third group has enhanced awareness of the project. The picture below gives you an impression of our cooperation marked by social distancing under corona restrictions.

We invite future students of this Master’s programme to continue our work on this project and look forward to seeing the ideas they will come up with.

The team members of Pandemology 1.0 (class of 2021) were:

  • Jovana Bjelovuk
  • Luisa Fiedler
  • Marion Nemitz
  • Jella Niemann
  • Sönke Schlenkhoff
  • Sanja Tokic
  • Julia Will
  • Nicole Zellermair

The team members of Pandemology 2.0 (class of 2022) were:

  • Natalie Achims
  • Maren Aichele
  • Bianca Arias
  • Majd Al Muqatash
  • Charlotte Otremba
  • Cornelia Wiest
  • Sarah Zenker